Deduplicate Salesforce Records

and prevent duplicates in the future.

Do you have a lot of duplicate Salesforce records in Leads, Accounts, and/or Contacts?

If the answer is YES, then Collabrax has a service for you.  De-duping records in Salesforce can be very time consuming and most tools are quite costly. We provide a service at an affordable price.

Through a partnership with a leading Salesforce Deduplication provider, Collabrax will:

  • Install leading deduplication tool
  • Analyze how many duplicates you have within Leads, Account and Contacts
  • Mass merge identified records
  • Setup Salesforce to prevent duplicates in the future
Cleaner Data Means:
  • Long-term time and cost savings
  • More accurate data
  • Happier users which increases user adoption
Determine if this is the right package for your organization.


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