Did you know there is a way to automatically record data in Salesforce from any form you build?

If you’re like us, you use forms everyday.  From online contact forms to product order forms to internal processing forms, these are an important part of everyday business.  Today, we want to introduce you to FormAssembly, an application for building forms that can sync to any object within Salesforce.

FormAssembly forms are completely customizable; you create the look & feel, branding and imagery. It’s also powerful – respondents can upload files, forms can perform calculations and create conditional fields, and CAPTCHAs can be added to keep spammers out.  The beauty of FormAssembly is that all these fields can then be used to create or update any object within Salesforce – Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Attachments, or any custom object. Bonus: When adding Attachments, use the Activity Attachment Notifier to show Activities added through the form with Attachments!

Webform to Salesforce

Here at Collabrax, we’ve been using FormAssembly for over a year to allow visitors to our website to contact us.  Our clients have used FormAssembly for online job applications, mailing list subscriptions and more.  In each case, FormAssembly, when combined with Salesforce, has increased efficiency and productivity.

We definitely recommend FormAssembly to any business looking for an affordable, efficient, customizable solution for automating data collection.  No longer will you need to look multiple places to see your contacts or transfer information into Salesforce by hand. FormAssembly has been tested and proven – it gets 4.4 stars on the Salesforce AppExchange!  If you’ve had the opportunity to try FormAssembly, please comment below and share your thoughts!

Let us know if you’d like a personalized demo of how FormAssembly can work in your business.