Here’s Collabrax’s favorite ways to use the FormAssembly App with Salesforce:

  1. Ask customers to fill out an online order form and see all orders in Salesforce
  2. Gather contact info and create mailing lists inside Salesforce
  3. Create a job application that automatically merges information in Salesforce
  4. Request credit information to compile in Salesforce
  5. Invite people to register for events and get automatic RSVPs within Salesforce
  6. Inquire about authorization or consent, then know who has given permission within Salesforce
  7. Solicit employee or customer feedback and suggestions in a survey that is easily organized within Salesforce
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  9. Advertise a service request form that syncs to Salesforce
  10. Administer a test or evaluation and compare answers in Salesforce
  11. Register new members to member list within Salesforce
  12. Provide a needs analysis to gather information required to produce a quote within Salesforce
  13. Collect credentials that are added to an account, contact or lead within Salesforce
  14. Request referrals that can be tracked within Salesforce
  15. Assemble reservations on calendar in Salesforce
  16. Submit nominations that can be tallied within Salesforce
  17. Request emergency contact info for a subset of contacts within Salesforce

If you are interested in learning more, you can sign up for personalized demo here.

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