AAN - attachment list

The Activity Attachment Notifier has now been launched.

As many of you know we are big advocates, here at Collabrax, of providing you with the tools we actually use on a daily basis. As a small business ourselves, we test many tools and then make it our business to spread the word and help you implement our favorites. You’ve seen this recently with FormAssembly and Cirrus Insight. This time we took it a step further and developed our own app for the Salesforce AppExchange (we’ve done this once before).

Our objective was to make it easy to identify Attachments in Salesforce Tasks and Events. We use Cirrus Insight to record all relevant emails. Accounts, Contacts and Leads can have quite long lists of emails that are hard to differentiate from the Activity History List.

Find Your Attachments

After spending too much time trying to locate attachments – we created checkmark field that would identify activities and events with attachments.  This tool has saved us a lot of time not having to click in and out of records to find a particular file.  We knew every one of our clients could benefit from this application.

The Activity Attachment Notifier has passed the Salesforce App Exchange Security Review and is ready to use.  Give it a try and please feel free to provide any feedback. Did we mention it’s free?