Over the years I have been entertained by the Wayback Machine – an archive of 404 billion web pages saved over time.  For this Throwback Thursday, I decide to take a look at from January 18, 2000.  A little over 14 years ago, but for most of us it seems like just yesterday. The only semi-interesting news story for that day was the Tagish Lake meteorite which fell from the sky landing in the Tagish Lake area in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. has certainly come a long way in this millennium.  At the bare minimum, many of the originally advertised features remain, but of course thousands more exist today.  The two most entertaining are, “loads quickly even with a 28.8 modem” and “Palm Pilot synchronization.” Anyone miss your PalmPilot.

  • Online in hours – nothing to install, update, or maintain
  • Complete security – SSL encrypted and password protected
  • Easily customizable – personalize just for you
  • Offline synchronization – Outlook, Palm Pilot, and others
  • Integrated content – News, stock, and financial information
  • Fast access – loads quickly even with a 28.8 modem
  • Import data – ACT, Excel, Outlook, Palm or any database
  • Open Interface – connect all your applications with our XML API

Test out your favorite website in the Wayback Machine.