Salesforce Tune Up

Only $1650The Collabrax Tune Up Package is good for small companies that have been using Salesforce for a while and find the original setup may not be fitting their current business processes.  New to Salesforce? Check out our Intermediate & Advanced Quick Start packages.

Our goal is to help you improve efficiencies by implementing Salesforce Best Practices quickly. Collabrax understands the importance of getting you back to what you do best, running a successful and profitable business.

The 5 Keys to a Successful Tune Up Project

  1. Strong Vision of What Needs to be Changed
  2. Team Buy-In
  3. Quick Deployment for Minimal User Disruption
  4. Strategies for Improving User Adoption
  5. Annual Health Checkups

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10 Hours with a Salesforce Certified Admin

Certified Salesforce AdministratorProcess Discovery and Salesforce Design

  • Interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Capture relevant areas of improvement.

Salesforce Implementation and Customization

  • Create mock-up of new layouts for review.
  • Implement changes for fields, page layouts, search, list views and reports.

Change Rollout and Training

  • Train Users on new enhancements and navigation tips to improve user acceptance.
  • Provide support and admin services as needed.

Data Cleanse

  • Remove unused fields from layout.
  • Remove redundant or unused reports.
  • Look for opportunities to validate data and streamline processes with workflows.

Also, by becoming a part of our community, you’ll stay up to date on tools we use to help other customers; for instance, Salesforce custom button examples and using Linkedin in Salesforce.

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